Canal Flatties

Canal Flatties

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching the Same Fish "Thrice"

    Today I was fishing on the North Fork of the Rivanna in a pool that I knew had a very big 18-20" largemouth in it. I tied on a trout magnet to catch a live bait (big river fish are too smart for soft plastics). I caught a big green sunfish that was too big for bait, so I released him. He swam out 5 or 10 feet from me, and I jokingly told my brother "watch this!" and cast my bait back at the fish. To my amazement, the fish struck aggressively as soon as he saw my bait! I released him again and he swam right up against my leg. I moved my foot and he swam over next to my dog's legs. I walked towards him and the fish swam back to the log he came from. I cast back at the log and caught a big green sunfish. No way could this be the same fish, but I pulled out my camera just to check. To my surprise, he had the same black spot parasites as the fish in the photo. I have heard stories of the same fish being caught twice in one day, and we caught the same bass 4 times in 3 days once, but 3 times in about one minute? I think that is pretty crazy!

The main match I noticed between the fish and this photo were the two black spot parasites on his gill plate

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