Canal Flatties

Canal Flatties

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pond Crappie Fishing

     Today I fished at a 3 acre pond near Scottsville. My brothers and I decided we would take kayaks because this pond because trolling had worked for us in the past. We trolled slider grubs and caught 5 or 6 bluegill before I zeroed in on a school of crappies holding close to the bank, and landed 3 casting. The wind was gusting so badly that we could barely fish without being pushed into the bank (forgot anchors), so we hopped out and headed to where I had landed 3 crappies. We picked off a dozen or so in 30 minutes before the school slowed down. Then my little brother Ewing hit the jackpot. He found a ridiculous school of crappies. We all cast slider grubs with 1/32oz jigheads and landed probably 100 fish in 2 hours, about a third of them were bluegill, and the rest were crappies. We selectively kept healthy fish over 10". When the fish slowed down, my brothers switched to minnows and continued to pick off fish. I walked around catching   scattered crappies and bluegill on the slider grub. We ended up keeping 23 crappies, all between 10 and 13 inches, except one 9" fish that swallowed the hook my brother used with a minnow, and died. I managed to keep track of the fish I caught in the madness, and I personally landed 22 crappies, releasing most, and I don't know how many I kept. I also caught 4 bass and 16 bluegill. Spring is finally here, and the fishing continues to pick up as the year goes by! Thanks for reading!
One of my better fish of the day.

Our 23 "keepers"

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Anonymous said...

NICE! those are some slabs, and that fish in the bottom left corner looks like a hawg. Pong crappie fishing can be fantastic.

Aaron Hanlin
Birmingham, AL