Canal Flatties

Canal Flatties

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July-August Fish

The fishing just keeps getting better as the summer heats up (it's not supposed to work this way but it does for me, I can't catch a darned thing in the spring when big bass are supposed to be caught).

This fish measured 21", caught it on a jig in about 20 feet of water

This smallmouth measured 19" and coughed up a huge shad, I caught it on a war eagle spinnerbait.

An 18" 3lb smallmouth that I caught on a flipping jig

This fish measured 19" and ate a swim jig, surprisingly this was the smaller fish of the pair I cast to

My first crankbait double, some little smallmouth that hit a strike king 1.5 squarebill

Also got into a few walleyes, I landed 6 in an hour, in a location that I located when I had numerous small walleyes follow in a glide bait. They were all 12-15"

One of the walleye shook its head and this happened, fishing was too good for me to leave, and with a little help from willpower and adrenaline I removed the hook myself and continued catching them.

Plenty of pretty river largemouth too

18" and almost 4lbs!

One of the hundred or more bass I have caught on a Cavitron buzzbait in the past 30 days, I swear they are magic baits.
A 24", 5.35lb skinny girl that I caught on a drop shot with 6lb test. Fun fight! That makes 4 citation largemouth this year, all during summer.

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