Canal Flatties

Canal Flatties

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break Fishing

    We traveled quite a bit over our spring break this past week, and fished the whole time! We started with two days in southwest Virginia fishing for trout on Whitetop Laurel, then went to Myrtle Beach where we caught some saltwater fish and some awesome pond largemouth, and today I "guided" my little brother on the kids section of the Rose River for some awesome trout. I'll let the pictures do the talking, we caught some awesome fish...
A 20" Myrtle Beach Largemouth
One of the many Myrtle Beach redear measuring up to 11 inches

Wyatt's 22" largemouth at Myrtle Beach
A 17" rainbow that Wyatt caught in out neighbor's pond (that we stocked)

 The Booyah Pad Crasher in the throat of a 20" largemouth
 Wyatt's keeper flounder
 A 3 pound Myrtle Beach largemouth

 Another 20" Myrtle Beach largemouth
 Ewing's 18" brook trout caught on Heritage Day
 A solid rainbow that Ewing caught on Heritage Day
 A 20" rainbow that I caught in the catch and release pond on Heritage Day
 Micro Seabass
 Strange Crab...

13" Tiger Trout from Whitetop Laurel
 Caught some of these "lovely creatures"
 A 15" wild brown on Whitetop Laurel
 Another nice wild brown on Whitetop Laurel
 A gorgeous wild rainbow from Whitetop
 13" Whitetop brown
 16" Whitetop Laurel rainbow
And my favorite fish of spring break, an 18" wild brown from Whitetop Laurel

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