Canal Flatties

Canal Flatties

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Magicicada Fly

    After seeing so many versions of the 17 year cicada on the internet here recently, I figured that I would put my pattern out there for judgement...I saw a video of a foam hopper tied on Youtube a while back, and modified it to look like a cicada, or at least enough like one that I can catch fish with it! I tie it with black 2mm craft foam, medium peach colored cactus chenile, light creamy brown marabou for the wing, and orange/black striped silly legs. The cicadas are dying off at this point in my area, so I only have 3 or 4 days left of good cicada fishing. Hopefully the memory of cicadas will stick with the fish for a while, because right now the rivers are flooded, and most lakes and ponds are an orange/brown color, so the fishing right now is pretty terrible. Well, here it is...Let me know what you think!

Grass Carp Variant??? (with a much stronger hook!)

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